Dave Trumfio is a Record Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Songwriter and Musician living and working in Los Angeles California. He is one of the few contemporary record producers that can truly say he’s done a little of everything. His 20+ year career has included many diverse credits which have included Chicago House classics, Indie Rock staples, Americana anthems, Alternative smashes and Electro Pop gems. As a performer he’s played and toured with numerous bands around the globe and also fronted his own band, New Wave revivalist, Pulsars (ALMO Sounds/Geffen) in the 1990’s.


Dave has always had an infinity for making great sounding recordings. His favorite recordings always include great songwriting and performances framed with soulful and colorful production. He loves fusing Hi Fi’s depth and width with Lo Fi’s warmth and character to create truly captivating recordings and mixes…


Trumfio began his recording career in Chicago during late 1980’s engineering for many of the then burgeoning Chicago House Music scenes pioneers including Larry “Mr. Fingers” Heard, Hot Mix 5 and England’s famous ffrr label  among other’s at the now legendary Seagrape Recording. While he spent most of his days honing some of the best 909 kick drums, Casio CZ101’s and modified Speak n’ Spell’s ever put to tape his evenings were filled recording much of the cities up and coming “Indie Rock” scene in the basement of a rented house he shared with a rag tag group of fellow musicians. It was in that basement, dubbed the “Kingsize Recording Den”, he honed the skills that would carry him on a long and fruitful career of being a “whatever it take’s!” type of producer, musician, songwriter and recordist. That “DIY” drive has always been at the core of what makes Trumfio a creative force not afraid to jump stylistically from project to project and always ready to think outside the box. He prides himself on his diversity and is always ready to push the limits!


Shortly after opening his first studio, the original Kingsize Soundlabs  in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, Trumfio quickly became known for getting great sounds and most importantly a easy guy to work with. His early credits included work with  Will Oldhams (Bonnie Prince Billy) Palace, punk luminaries Mekons along with a long list of great artists that include Plush, Handsome Family, Holiday, Number One Cup, Butterglory, Ashtray Boy, Barbara Manning, Red Crayola, Yum Yum and Young Marble Giants guitarist Stuart Moxham. It’s these early relationships and credits that firmly put Trumfio on the map as a up and coming producer with the notoriously fickle Indie elite of the early 1990’s.


Not one to be pigeon holed and not happy purely working on guitar based music Dave started his own band Pulsars. Pulsars were a band that defied the confines of the traditional “Indie Rock” idiom by incorporating synthesizers, pop hook structures and a live show that included a video backup band and sequenced tracks. Not unlike their contemporaries Stereolab and The Rentals they proudly put the synth front and center in all it’s glory during a time when anything synthesized was considered uncool by most of the status quo. His bands fresh sound and approach only drew more attention to Dave’s production savvy and ability to be forward thinking. So much so the words “next big thing” some how got attached to the band and the Majors came running. After a substantial bidding war the Pulsars inked a deal with Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss‘s new Geffen sub label Almo Sounds. While Pulsars debut was a critical success on all levels the weight of the impending reality that Spice Girls and Limp Biscuit were to truly be the “next big things” Trumfio quickly refocused back on his life behind the glass.


His Major label experience as an artist was nothing but another feather in Trumfio’s collective hat of experience. He sometimes refers to that time as ” When I was off getting my Masters “. The next several years proved to be some of his most productive working with great artists such as Wilco, My Morning Jacket, OK Go, Cibo Matto, the Grammy Nominated “Mermaid Ave.” albums by Billy Bragg & Wilco, Anniversary, Koufax, Tsunami, Baldwin Bros., Floraline and Aluminum Group before relocating to Los Angeles in early 2000. It’s in Los Angeles Trumfio finally feels at home and quickly sets up shop for the decade to come which includes work with Mates Of State, Grandaddy, Built To Spill, Rooney, Sleepy Jackson/Yoko Ono, American Music Club, Jesus And Mary Chain, Earlimart, Booker T, Hope Sandoval, Elkland, Spinto Band, Patrick Park, The Adored, Soviet and The Rentals to name just a handful…


His most recent work includes albums and recordings by Sia, Beat Club, Bad Religion, Ximena Sarinana, Islands, Robert Schwartzman, Snowmine (Band Camps 2011 artist of the year), Adventure Galley, MIner, Ozma, These Machines Are Winning, Xu Xu Fang, Dub Club Remixes, Sam Sparrow and Papa vs Pretty as well as Writing sessions with Grace Woodroofe, Oh Mercy and Ben Hollingsworth


In 2013 Trumfio launched the independent music label Pulse Code Modulations along with music and entertainment company RSRCH + DVLP. Dave is constantly developing new projects and plans to release some long awaited new music of his own in the very near future!


Stay Tuned!